Offering roots and wings

When we take the educational framework across the world, subjects like Mathematics, Science, and technology are given utmost importance while subjects like Arts, dance and sports take a backseat.

The quote by Mahatma Gandhi best explains how Education should be, “By education, I mean an all-round drawing of the best in child and man in body, mind, and spirit.”

Bhumi’s flagships events like Ignite fest, Nakshatra are best examples for this quote; These events provide a platform for the children to display their academic learning and artistic talents in a competitive environment. They are given the motivation to ‘Dream’ to achieve, ‘Discover’ their potential, and ‘Dazzle’ in an atmosphere of healthy competition, enriching themselves with much-needed perspective about their inherent potentials.

“We participated in singing competition in Nakshatra which helped us fight stage fear and we are very thankful to Bhumi for giving us this platform” says Harini from Mary Clubwala Jadhav Girls Hr Sec School. Nakshatra has been a dais to develop personal traits for the children.

Between January 2019 to March 2019, around 2300+ kids and 400+ volunteers participated in these events held in Chennai. The events had such a reach that we even had students coming from Kanchipuram to participate in the event!

At Ignite Fest, a culmination of learnings and rich experiences, both volunteers and children had an equal stake – where the former facilitated (and discreetly assessed), children enthusiastically participated, and where the latter showcased, the volunteers intently listened and interacted. Working robots, conceptualised models, and live performances made evident that consistent support and exposure and opportunities steer children forward.

“I’m always enthusiastic about creating science projects, but my parents always told me to focus on studies. The community volunteers in my community learning centre encouraged and motivated me to participate in ignite fest and show-case my project which was appreciated by many.  When my parent’s heard about this they were very happy and were encouraging me to do such projects in the future too” says Eswaran, a child from one of our community learning centre.

Nakshatra – Arts gives the students a platform to sing, dance, create and perform as a team. Nakshatra – Sports is a spurt of energy where the children run, jump, and exhibit their enthusiasm for the sports they like.

 “Lots of children participate in Nakshatra. This platform that Bhumi gives us is very useful for us to grow”, says Lavanya from Mary Clubwala Jadhav Girls Hr Sec school in Chennai.

These events expose the kids to certain elements like how to handle success and failure, being persistent towards what they want to achieve and the experience helps the children to spread their wings and gain confidence.

 “There are two lasting bequests we can give our children.
One is roots. The other is wings.”  
~ Hodding Carter, Jr.

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