Ockhi Cyclone – Relief measures

When the Cyclone leaves not just traces of disaster but also a ray of hope …

December 2017, yet another time when nature has proved its power and unpredictability. Heavy rains with squally winds lashed Kanyakumari district, uprooting scores of trees and affecting normal life.  It left no stone unturned to grab the city into its fray. Nature has done its work and left the traces. Now it is our turn to restore the normal life.

When people were brooding over this, a volunteer team from Bhumi lead by Chenthil Kumar S, stood up to help the affected people. With complete dedication, the team raised enough funds to help two villages, Utheraptti and Balakrishnanputhur namely. Utilising the collected sum is an even greater responsibility, for it has to reach the right people in a way that could be most beneficial to them.  For this, victims’ lists were collected; Social worker T. Jeyaselvan, President of Muttamil Elaignar Eyakkam, Vellamodi and Jegan Ramaswamy, Therur Peruratchi helped in getting the lists from the government officials.

Necessities like provisions, and educational needs for the children like notebooks, pencils, etc were distributed. Elders, women and children were the main beneficiaries. The gifts to the affected people were more than just materials, these were much valuable moral and psychological support at the time of their affliction.

Ockhi has claimed four lives, gusty winds coupled with heavy downpour uprooted 550 trees and 950 electric poles. But with true hope in our hearts, we definitely can rise, dust off the past sufferings and move on to bring a good change. Bhumi would like to appreciate the volunteer team who ensured that the affected people witness a positive, hope-filled future.

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