Volunteer Den: Nupur Vashisht

Nupur VashishtA Little about yourself (origin, education, work experience)

I am Nupur Vashisht , 21 , born and brought up in Delhi . Post my schooling, I joined Venky (Delhi University) and completed a three year course in Biochemestry(H). Right from school I was interested in debating, extempore and stage plays more than the classroom studies which continued in college where along with being a member of Debating society, I was working with women development cell and ‘The society for disabled.’ Though I enjoyed science, somewhere I knew that this is not what I want to do 10 years down the line. After getting myself involved in organizations like CAG and organizing a few events like Chai Pe Charcha with NaMo and voter registration drives, I decided to enter the field of communication. Currently I am pursuing my post graduation in mass communication from Asian Academy of Film & Television and I think I have landed in the right place. I want to be an ad film maker.

How did volunteering with Bhumi happen (including beginning, which project you volunteered for?)

I just stumbled upon “Bhumi”, while looking for organizations working for kids and I applied to volunteer with Bhumi in Feb 2014 but could not attend the orientation in June because the date coincided with my scheduled college trip. Again in October, I got a mail for orientation and this time I decided not to miss the chance and chose to attend the orientation over a get together that my school friends had planned out for the weekend and I am happy that I took the right decision because Bhumi has given me a right reason for not wasting my Sunday sleeping till 11am. I decided to be a part of LES so I could utilize whatever I have learned in graduation and continue my association with science.

What change did these experiences bring in your life? How has Bhumi altered you personally?

To be very honest, after starting work with Bhumi I have started respecting my teachers more than ever before, because  I’ve realized that teaching is not a child’s play. I have stopped cribbing and complaining about small things; learning from the kids how happy they remain with whatever they get.

Tell us about one Bhumian who has been an inspiration to you:

A little kid who is way too mature for his age or maybe it is Bhumi who has made him that mature by giving him the sort of responsibilities he handles. When it comes to work, he is so concerned about things; it seems as if he is a NASA scientist out on a mission. It’s none other than Ashir, who says before every small step that we take: “Let’s make LES the best project ever”.

Any specific, special moment with kids or volunteers you would like to share with us?

Once the kids were done with their exams, going to the centre on every Sunday didn’t happen. I went for a LES meeting, almost after one month when this kid came running to me. It was as if he was waiting for that very moment. The last time I met this kid was when we were teaching kids a day before the science exam. Running short of breath, he came a few steps forward and said, “I never thought I could attempt all questions in a science exam, but I did. You guys will teach us next year as well?” That was the moment I realized that there is no reward bigger than the smile that you bring on someone’s face.

Message to every volunteer

At times, you will feel that kids are not taking you seriously or some of them are not interested in studies but don’t let this feeling stop your efforts coz one day you will realize that the kids actually want you to guide them when they themselves will be waiting for you to come but this process of building trust will
take time, may be longer than what you think.

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