Rock n Rhythm! Nationwide Nakshatra – Dance Fest 2020

Believe you can and you’re half way there!

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought in drastic changes in everyone’s routine and lifestyle causing distress/anxiety in most cases. Children especially, are affected due to school closures and not being able to connect with their circle of friends. Through this daunting situation, engaging in an any form of art helps a child to be hopeful, positive and stay connected with their inner-self.

It is a well-known fact that Dance has a multitude of core developments such as sensory, musicality, which aims to enhance creativity, coordination, perseverance, self-motivation, self-expression, concentration etc.

Bhumi’s prime focus has always been providing a platform for children in indulge in their holistic development through arts, sports and dance apart from quality education. Nakshatra Online 2020 – Bhumi’s Inter-Shelter Home Talent Fest is conducted nationally for children to showcase their non-scholastic flairs and increase their confidence plus compete against other children in a healthy competition.

Nakshatra’s Rock ‘n’ Roll is an event organized by Bhumi Volunteers on 30th of August which was a nationwide online dance competition exclusively for the children from shelter homes across the country. The round 1 competition were conducted over a period of two months under 2 categories namely – “Tiny Toes and Teen Feat”, where 350 children from 250 shelter homes of all 29 states of India participated. The major dance styles performed by children were Kathak, Hip-hop, Contemporary, Bollywood, Jazz Funk, Bharatanatyam, Lavni, Rajasthani Folk etc. It was impressive to witness the passion of these children and most importantly, majority of them were self-taught. 

The children were judged based on the dance videos sent and top 42 were selected to compete in the final round. The selected finalists were mentored and trained for the final round by Bhumi’s in-house dance team (Project de-Step) for a period of two weeks.

The finalists were exhilarated to perform in front of famous choreographers like Terence Lewis, Salman Yusuff Khan, Kruti Mahesh, Jyothi D Tommaar, Vaibhav Ghuge, R.Rajarajan, Harry and Vijay Varman. The children expressed such poise, rhythm and confidence that blew the judges away!

The famous dancer Shakti Mohan (and winner of Dance India Dance season 2) gave everyone a surprise by joining the event for a while to share her opinion and best wishes.

The final winners of Teen Feet category (age group of 12 – 18 years) were Subhu from Jaly Girls Home, Chaitra L from Prasanna Jyothi Home and Naveen from Shelter Trust. A big shout out was given to the winners of the Tiny Toes category (Age group of 6 – 11 years) namely, Palak from Prasanna Jyothi Home, Rekha Ravi from SOSCV and Manisha from Apne Sapne Welfare Society for showcasing their dancing skills at such a young age.

Certificates and Medals were couriered to the respective Homes for the Winners. We would like to take this opportunity to applaud the judges who were part of the event judging and inspiring our children towards their forte. Bhumi’s volunteers and team strive to believe in our ethos and provide children the opportunity to learn, grow and excel in what they do best – in this case, Dance!

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