Nakshatra 2016 Pune – Sumati Balwan School in Katraj

Bhumi Group an NGO from Chennai every year arranges Nakshatra 2016 various activities throughout the country for the underprivileged children. This year this programme was arranged in 14 different states of India. Our children were also invited to take part in the various events. The venue was Karnataka high school in Kothrud, Pune and the day was Sunday 11th of September. All the students participated in these events and achieved big success in all these events.

Various events like Rangoli, Junk Art, Painting, Fancy card making, Potpourri (a quiz programme), Picture perceptions, adapt tune were organised for the children. Around 250 children from various ashrams in Pune participated.


Shweta & Vaibhav participated in Potpourri competition which consists of quiz related to general knowledge, spellings and memory games, etc. Our children scored 100% marks here and this started our journey of winning gold medal here. The different questions asked where to identify flags of diff countries, to identify famous personality from the photo shown and to talk about them, to identify clipping of particular song, etc. Harshad & Meenakshi took part in a game called connections where clues were given one after another & one would have to identify the personality. The student who answered with least clues won. Here Meenakshi succeeded. Another gold medal was won here too.

Picture perception is always interesting game. Here the participant is shown three pictures and the child selects one & he has to create a story around the picture. Lot of imaginative skill is necessary along with strong memory & fast thinking. Khushi, our 9 year old took part . She selected a picture of zoo and she described the various animals including tallest animal giraffe, various activities of monkeys, etc. Khushi won bronze medal.


Sujata & Kajal participated in fancy card making event where we have to use provided material to make cards and you know one of our child made card on theme to SAVE Water. Even the examiners were surprised by the imagination in the message. Sujata won gold medal and Kajal won bronze medal. Vishal is a born artist and he is quite talented, so he opted for event of painting. He won Silver medal in this event. In group dance event Harshad, Bhakti & Akash participated. Despite their good performance and preparing the event at last hour they were not successful in winning there, but were satisfied with their overall performance as they performed without any practice.


In the extempore event our tenth standard wall climber Raj participated. The subject given to him was visit of famous actor to the school and conversation with him/her. Raj chose famous actor Akshay Kumar and spoke about his visit to our school. He told about how he interviewed Akshay Kumar. Some of conversation we would like to share, how he came to this profession, which was his best movie role, best director, of course best actress he liked to work with, etc. Raj’s effort was also appreciated.

Harshad our western dancer took part in adapt tunes in which performer has to perform on tune of 90 seconds on the spot and participant has to perform immediately, we are proud Harshad is so good that despite injury to his hand (which was bandaged) a day before won bronze medal.


The last mega event for the day was group skit. We have two good leaders who good actors themselves Akash and Bhakti who have taken special classes in acting, who took control of the group. Then there was no stopping. They both selected Meenakshi, Kajal, Rani, Yash, Vaibhav,Ashwini and Sujata and Nikhil. The subject students decided to perform was FIRST APPRECIATION (Pahila Satkar). We earned a gold medal for this event too!

The organisers were very happy for the children’s effort and results were extremely motivating. The children were extremely excited and have decided to participate next year also and perform better than this year.

– Sumati Balwan School in Katraj, Pune

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