Nakshatra and the Rain

When we conceptualised the idea of an inter children’s home (orphanage) talent fest, little did we realise that we were increasing not just colour and joy but rainfall as well!

The first edition of Nakshatra fluttered as Siragugal (wings in Tamil) in 2009. Bhumi’s Chennai volunteers had spent over six months planning for the event but we were little prepared for the cats and dogs it rained on November 15, 2009! Some of the children had already started off to the venue as early as 5-6 AM for the 8 AM inaugural and at 6.30 AM we were forced to take the toughest decision yet in Bhumi, whether to go ahead with the event or call it off. Our faith, in the spirit of Bhumians made us decide to stick to the plan. Over twenty umbrellas were mobilised at short notice and Bhumians guided children from their buses to the venue and between venues throughout the day! It would have brought tears of joy to your eyes if you were there :’)

The very next year, we had organised a fund raiser for Nakshatra unseasonal rains ensured the event was a washout! In 2011, when we decided to start off sports, the dark clouds were kind to us and over 300 Bhumi volunteers pulled off a two day event at Chennai without a hitch 🙂

In 2012, we decided to expand the event to four cities and renamed the event Nakshatra. We were glad that we had left behind the name Siragugal which become synonymous with the rain in Bhumi. How wrong we were!

Nakshatra 2012 Rained Out
Nakshatra 2012 Rained Out

On July 14, 2012 the rain delivered the biggest blow yet, to Nakshatra and a déjà vu moment for us; it was 6.30 AM, five of the 18 buses were already on their way and the wet grounds forced us to decide against holding the Nakshatra 2012 sports day :'( On July 15, there was not a dark cloud in sight and the event went on as per plan. The same venue was unavailable for the next 3 weeks before Nakshatra @ Bengaluru. The staunch support of the management of St.Joseph’s College of Engineering, Chennai in hosting our rain postponed event definitely deserves a special mention. It also speaks oceans about the energy of our Bhumi volunteers that we managed to conduct the rained out sports day at a wholly different venue within 15 days itself! When the day was done and the last prizes given, I was just announcing the overall winners, it started raining… again!

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  • sujiths
    July 31, 2013 at 8:47 am

    I hope and wish its better this sunday :).. What joy is joy, when you dont face hurdles on the way.. All the best 🙂

  • devashish kumar
    July 9, 2014 at 10:36 am

    all the best bacccccchoannnnnnn or all the best Bhumianssssssssssssssss.

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