Meet the Catalysts: Living truly up to their name!

The last few weeks have indeed been eventful for the Catalyse team of Bhumi Bengaluru. From indulging in the goodness of nature and greenery to being awe-inspired at the military heritage of our great nation, Team Catalyse – Bhumi Bengaluru had a lot of experiences on the platter!

On 2nd November 2019, a Tree Plantation Drive was conducted as part of Think Green Project initiative in Obalapura village near Tumkur, situated around 172 kms from Bengaluru. 

A team of 12 volunteers went to Obalapura to plant and distribute around 220 tree saplings. The tree plantation drive was conducted along with the Hasiru Dasoha event organized by the villagers and government school kids. 

The team spoke in detail about the importance of planting trees, volunteering and the array of positive impacts it has on the environment. Villagers duly appreciated their work and efforts towards building a greener environment, and also assured they would maintain and nurture the planted saplings with utmost care and sincerity. 

On 13th October 2019, Bhumi held a visit to the National Memorial Park with 30 Kids from ‘Need-Based India Sneha Ghar & Auxilium Rainbow Home.’ The purpose of the visit was to make kids understand and gather insights about the military heritage of our great country. Special permission was taken to visit the military museum. 

The National Military Memorial Park (NMM Park) is a tribute by people and the government to honour the men and families of martyrs who lost their lives in the service of the nation. The National Military Memorial is located adjacent to the Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park in Bengaluru.  

About 15 volunteers accompanied the kids and explained in-depth about our country’s military history, missile systems, war machines, the inception of the Indian navy and a lot more about several events from the pages of Indian history, including those during the partition of India and pre-Independent India.

Also, a passing-the-ball event was organized as a fun activity that revealed that each of the 30 kids had so many hidden talents in them – be it singing, stage performances, dancing and so on.

As the event drew to a closure, feedback from volunteers and kids were pooled in; it was observed that most of these feedbacks were suggestions and requests on having similar kinds of educational visits at least once a month, from then on. 

Wordsmith: Bharathy Ravichandran, Volunteer (Bengaluru)
Edited by: Janani Hamsini

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