Let’s Go Shopping – A day out for our children

Let’s Go Shopping(LGS), the brainchild of Ahmedabad’s Aasmaan Foundation, LGS Kolkata was organised by three students of St. Xavier’s College with the help of over 100 volunteers from various colleges and NGOs in the city.

Let’s Go Shopping Kolkata is a shopping simulation for underprivileged children which aims to introduce children to the world of retail and at the same time, give the children a choice of the clothes they want to wear, the toys they want to play with and the books they want to read.
The children were provided with fake currency notes and each item which was collected from charity by Aasmaan Foundation was priced at a certain amount. The children were free to make any purchase with the fake amount of 1500 that was provided to them.
The event was attended by 400 children out of which 200 children were from NGOs in which Lakshya Kolkata conducts its classes. zolpidem order india https://megacanabisdispensary.com generic name for ambien The children arrived in 5 time slots of one hour each. The Lakshya volunteers were entrusted with the responsibility of conducting fun sessions with the kids as they arrived in their respective time slots, briefing them about the entire procedure and assisting them while shopping. Through the briefing process, the Lakshya volunteers also enlightened the kids regarding importance of money, decision making, handling peer pressure, assertiveness.We were touched to see that 13-14 year old kids were not only shopping for themselves but also for their younger siblings at home. This event was one of our best experiences in Bhumi.
We would like to sincerely thank our Lakshya members Sakshi, Riya, Rukaiya, Priyanka, Sumedha, Shubhangi, Chirag and Danish who participated in the event. Also, a person who deserves a special mention here is Manish, who lead Lakshya Kolkata in this event and also coordinated with all the NGOs in which Lakshya works to send their kids for this event.
– Subhajit Bhattacharjee,
Project Coordinator, Lakshya Kolkata.

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