Let’s Bring Smiles!

Two years ago in April 2008, in one of Bhumi’s Monthly meetings when Mini came up with the idea of putting up children’s profiles on our website to raise funds and help them financially for their school education, everyone readily agreed. We realised the potential of the idea but didn’t have the money to pay for the technology.

A few good minds promised to help us design the site for free but things got delayed indefinitely to the extent, we were almost on the verge of giving up. The idea of Siragugal was born and not only did we surprise ourselves with the great show, but also with the money leftover after the event 🙂

After sifting through proposals from over ten companies, we finally settled for Dewgrow to re-design our existing website and develop the ‘micro-contribution towards education module’- Bring Smiles. Incidentally, in August 2008 it was someone from Dewgrow who was supposed to develop the site for us for free. It didn’t work out, but like so often in life, things do come a full circle. Some other people from Dewgrow are now working on the website for a considerable discount 🙂

The site is online for testing at the moment with a public launch soon to follow.

As we begin the academic year 2010-2011, the time for this dream to become reality has truly arrived… There are so many deserving children out there who need to be helped. So, together let’s Bring Smiles!!

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