Kindness, happiness and what not this Daan Utsav!

‘From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.’ said Winston Churchill. True to his words, it is in giving that we receive – be it things, kindness, empathy, positivity, happiness and what not! 

The spirit of giving, though latent, is always abundant in children. We, at Bhumi, aimed at rekindling this very spirit with our community project’s effort to commemorate Daan Utsav, India’s festival of giving celebrated every year from October 2nd – 8th, also known as the Joy of Giving Week. 19 of our centres from across Chennai came together to enable and encourage children from our communities to participate in acts of giving throughout the week.

Giving is not merely sharing things for spreading momentary happiness; it also means adding value to the receiver’s life in the long run too – we understood this exactly and raised our bars to reach out to communities and add value to their lives, beyond just lighting up a smile on their faces; and what better than getting tiny tots bubbling with enthusiasm to do this for us! Doing so, would also make these young minds socially conscious, facilitate holistic development and take them a step closer to becoming better individuals.

7 days. 19 events. A whopping 586 volunteers! 
That summarizes Bhumi’s Daan Utsav in a nutshell. 

This year, we addressed several social and environmental issues through the lens of charity and giving. Campaigns to create awareness on waste management and segregation, tree plantation and reducing plastic usage, coupled with eye donation awareness and drives, were conducted throughout the week. Efforts to address the social stigma surrounding transgenders and their honour, aiding physically and mentally challenged children were also taken. We also reached out to donate food to several old age homes, clothes and provision to needy families, and sarees for homeless people.

Daan Utsav led the kids to their creative best and reflected their efficiency – performing street plays, preparing hundreds of paper bags and distributing them as an alternative to plastic, making creative placards and pamphlets to support their efforts and campaign communication, collecting money and material for distribution, gathering clothes and sarees for the needy, serving food for the elderly and underprivileged, playing and interacting with kids, and so on. 

At the end of the seventh day, the children had truly evolved into being more socially responsible, empathetic, caring and efficient individuals and citizens, thanks to the pool of wonderful experiences they had gained, which are truly valuable lessons that are sure to stay, and indelible memories that will be cherished for a lifetime!

Wordsmith: Janani Hamsini

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