Karuna During Corona

A personal note from Bhumi’s co-founder Dr.Prahalathan KK

I hope you’re safe and well. This CoVid-19 pandemic has caused over 40 crore people to lose their livelihoods. And from the way things are projected to be, it is only going to get worse.

As responsible citizens of the nation, we must come together in times like these to help the needy. The choices we make today can directly make a difference in their lives.

In tune with this thought, I wanted to share about the #KarunaDuringCorona initiative, where you can make a pledge towards significantly improving the livelihoods of the needy. 

On the surface, there are two ways to contribute: you can pledge your 1 month’s salary as a contribution or the cash equivalent of 1% of all the assets you own, to support those affected by COVID-19 in India. Since this is a people’s movement, you can choose to donate your money to any campaign of your choice, and anytime over the next 6 months.

A few hundred people have already taken the pledge, and I have signed up too. I strongly encourage you to sincerely consider it as well.

My wife and I have also started a fundraising campaign to raise funds to make direct financial transfers to the daily wagers affected by CoVid-19 and the lockdown.

I strongly believe that to make a positive difference in the world, it doesn’t take one person to make leaps and bounds. Instead, it takes our collective contributions to create meaningful change.

Let us all rise to support the human race; after all we are all we have. 

Dr. Prahalathan KK

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