Intern Testimonial – Priya Sankaralingam

Reflecting back on 2016, my internship with Bhumi tops the list of life changing experiences that I’ve had. Walking into the office on a brisk summer morning in June, I had no idea what this internship had in store for me. I worked as a public relations intern but that title puts a restraint on the amount of experience and creative liberty I was given.

Priya receiving the Bhumi Earth Award for her commendable contribution to Bhumi, Chennai


I got the opportunity to wear several hats and juggle several roles in the various events that took place. The BALA project (Building As Learning Aid) at the SevaSamajam was one of the main projects I worked on. As an intern I got to not only take part in the creative process of sketching out the outlines and in the end painting the murals on the walls. I got the chance to catch a sneak peak of what goes on behind the scenes in terms of corporate engagement, supply intake, volunteer management etc. It all started with a simple outline on Canva and it ended up becoming permanent artwork at a school to enhance subconscious learning. The best part has to be the that there isn’t a hierarchy that usually takes place within most non-profit organizations where it’s a pyramid starting with the board of directors up topà leading to the staffà and then the volunteers at the bottom. At Bhumi, every single person regardless of their title as an employee, manager, or volunteer work together cohesively to meet their end goal.

Nakshatra and DaanUtsav were the other two festivals I got to take part in. Nakshatra, I gained experience in event management which led me to develop a skillset that allowed me to problem solve quickly. DaanUtsav, I learned more about leadership training and the research that goes on behind planning a nationwide movement on volunteerism. The people I’ve met through Bhumi and the experiences I have gained has helped me tremendously in shaping my leadership skills. Like my internship mentor always said, “Once a bhumian, always a bhumian.” The spirit of volunteerism is contagious after all. #DoSelfish

Priya Sankaralingam, Bhumi Intern

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