Integrating art into life skills

Lakshya programme helps to enrich the lives of underprivileged children (mentees) through a caring relationship with a personal mentor who supports, encourages, and builds their self-confidence. It also enables children from classes 8 and above to complete the cycle of growth by guiding them to focus on a career of their choice or need. 

In one of the Lakshya sessions in Chennai, art from junk was initiated- a fun and exciting way for children to explore new ways of working with different materials.

The most recent session was not only an opportunity for children to showcase their creativity, but also tap into their fine and gross locomotor skills for higher-order skills such as sequencing, hypothesis testing, analysis, and evaluation. It also built confidence & developed negotiation and communication skills in children (verbal and non-verbal). The materials used in the activity enabled children to realise how waste can aid in experiential learning – be it cereal boxes, egg boxes, bottle tops, foil trays, product packaging, or small pipes, fabric remnants, buttons, etc.

Children were split into two teams. One team created solar panels, electric generators representing a highly efficient 2025 India while the other team represented a modern well-maintained city through their art. See what they created:

The day was truly something that we hadn’t experienced in a long time – and we, the volunteers, who collected the junk over a long period enjoyed as much as the children. 

Wordsmith: Shruthi Varadarajan (Volunteer, Chennai)

Bhumi’s Ignite Programme at shelter homes, supported by corporates like Oracle, BNP Paribas, Flex, and IM Gears Pvt. Ltd., provides supplementary education through weekend volunteering.

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