Inspiring Change – Bhuvaneshwari from Chennai

“Within our dreams and aspirations, we find opportunities”

In Bhumi’s quest towards a better future, there are some stories that inspire more than most. One such story is that of young Ms. Bhuvaneshwari, a tenacious girl who has benefitted from Bhumi’s scholarship programme for lesser privileged children.

The daughter of a mason and a household helper, financial support was not easy to come by for Bhuvaneshwari. With two younger sisters for the family to support, the situation was far from ideal. But rather than feeling daunted, her drive and determination to succeed only grew. Her guardian, after learning of her impressive score of 462/500 in class 10, approached Bhumi seeking support for her education. The Bring Smiles Programme gifted her with a scholarship for class 11, keeping track of her academics. She performed consistently, thereby securing a scholarship for class 12 as well. Yet again, she proved herself by securing 1st rank in her school with a score of 1147/1200.

The Bhumi team visited St. Anne’s Matriculation School and interacted with the staff who had nothing but praise and appreciation for Bhuvaneshwari. They all described her as dedicated, hardworking, obedient, cooperative and determined. They appreciated her time management skills and also spoke about how Bhuvaneshwari participated in inter-school competitions and always came out on top. Her Principal also spoke very highly of her and thanked Bhumi for supporting such a deserving candidate.

When asked about her experience, she was grateful to the Bhumi team for being helpful and encouraging, and to her teachers for being almost like a second parent to her. She expressed special thanks to her guardian who took sincere and loving efforts in finding support for her. Bhuvaneshwari sees her as a family and not just a guardian.

Bhuvaneshwari’s dream to be an auditor is supplemented by her desire to help children in need, and provide free tuition to those who can’t afford expensive coaching centres, thus, continuing to bring smiles long after this sponsorship program has run its course for her.

Today, Bhuvaneshwari pursues B.Com from a leading college in Chennai while pursuing CA classes. Bhumi believes in a snowball effect and Bhuvaneshwari is a classic example when she took inspiration from Bhumi to pursue her volunteering journey. She started teaching Mathematics at one of Bhumi’s learning centres as a weekend volunteer to give back to society and develop her personal skills. Further, she has also taken a keen interest in other civic welfare activities like collaring the stray and cleaning animal shelters.

Stunningly insightful at such a young age, Bhuvaneshwari didn’t offer a name when she was asked who her role model was, choosing instead to say that one must not search for role models amongst others, but aspire to be a role model for others. According to her, everyone gets a chance at success, but only those who take that chance will be successful.

The success of our scholars/ beneficiaries as doctors, auditors, not it’s most important facet; it is the greatest contribution to society in nurturing these children to grow into good human beings.

Bhumi’s Ignite Programme at shelter homes, supported by corporates like Oracle, BNP Paribas, Flex, and IM Gears Pvt. Ltd., provides supplementary education through weekend volunteering.

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