An ignited mind, igniting many more …

In the ongoing journey to achieve quality education for all children, Bhumi volunteers have enjoyed many proud moments. One such moment of success was experienced by Bhumi Delhi volunteers recently when one of their students started educating other children in his hometown, joining a group of volunteers there. Also, the child has emphasised on the impact educating and guiding children can have on our society.

Rahul* (name changed), a child from a village in Uttar Pradesh, was residing in Delhi at an orphanage that provided shelter for children till Class 10. He was enrolled in ‘Ignite’, Bhumi’s education programme. After being a part of the Science programme for two years in middle school, he moved into the mentoring programme in high school. The latter pairs underprivileged children with volunteers who act as their mentors and role models. The programme helps the children realise their potential and transform them into more socially conscious citizens. Though Rahul was in mentioning programme, volunteers from all educational programmes under ‘Ignite’ in Delhi supported his education.

Soon after his Class 10 final exams, Rahul moved back to his hometown and has been continuing his higher education. He has been in regular contact with Lakhbir, one of his volunteer-mentor with whom he shares his experiences and at times seeks guidance. During a recent conversation with Lakhbir, he shared with great joy and satisfaction that he is educating more than 150 children in his hometown through an after-school. Along with five other volunteers, he has been volunteering to train younger kids in their village.

“I am liking it (teaching other children) so much. Time passes so quickly while teaching them. They are very eager to learn”, Rahul shared with Lakhbir, our volunteer.

Our volunteers were exhilarated on learning about how Rahul drew inspiration from them and decided to give back to society.

Ronil, who was teaching him Science says, “I taught​ Rahul for two years and I must say that he has always been a passionate student. Always looking forward to next week’s class and always asking questions and not only related to the subject but in general as well. Even for his wish in Joy to the World programme, he asked for an Encyclopedia. As I see him teach kids today, I feel very proud, and I see the same enthusiasm​ as he showed when he was a student. I am sure he will continue to influence many more kids.”

Lakhbir says, “The contribution he is making to society at such a young age is an inspiration. For me, to see my student growing into an individual to inspiring many more is the biggest reward I can ever ask for. All I feel is pride as a mentor.”

Rahul stands as a leader to many underserved children in his village, just like how he was led by volunteers during his time in Delhi; this is one vital success for Bhumi. We take this opportunity to thank all the compassionate volunteers who contribute their time and effort to impact society through quality education. Bhumi thanks Oracle for supporting the Ignite programme, without the support of whom, these children would have been devoid of this opportunity.

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