Impact assessment study – Ignite Community Centres 2018

A study was conducted by one of the major donors across 15 Bhumi community centres in Chennai. The focus was on understanding whether the students and parents were benefited from our Ignite study centres, and to decide whether any improvements can be made with regard to it. For the study, children from each centre – one student from every standard, were selected as the respondent.

  1. All the respondents understand what is taught at the community centre.
  2. The below figure shows the children’s feedback on how Bhumi community centres have helped them in their education.
  3. Majority of the students felt that they were provided with a stronger foundation in Mathematics, Tamil and English.
  4. View on how Bhumi’s study centre is different from schools:5. Aspects most liked in Bhumi’s community centre:Teaching methodology was most liked aspect of Bhumi communnity centres, which in a way includes the second aspect of having fun and studying in these centers.

6. Sharing with parents:

A majority of the respondents said that they share with their parents on what is taught, the interesting and     different methods used and  also inform them on the upcoming programmes or trips or meetings. A few respondents said that they will read write-ups in English or Tamil and a few others said they will do the Mathematical problems with their parents.

This shows that the students are confident with what they have learnt and that they are comfortable with the subjects,and shows their interest to attend the study centres.


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