Ignite NSTs Forum – MoM [June 24 2018]

Location: Bhumi Office

Time: 02:00 PM to 05:00 PM


BST: Prahalathan, Ganapathy

CST: Ajin M (Chennai), Jeyakannan (Chennai), Neha Singhal (Kolkata), Sai (Chennai), Santhosh M (Chennai), Sritha (Bengaluru), Sudeep Naik (Pune), Sanjay (Kolkata)

NST: Aravind Manivannan (LES), Harish Ananth (Refresh), Sudhan (Refresh – Chennai)

National Change Drivers: Akshay (Lakshay), Satheesh (LEM & SPO), Joshua (Operations), Mohammed Arshath Parvez (LES)

Others: Hanika (NRO), Ganesh (HR), Ranjith (Zoho), Abdul Wahab (Operations)

Agenda 1: The meeting was started with positive huddle and celebration

Presenter – Convener

Agenda 2: Orientation Updates

Presenter – Ganesh

Action points:

  • Volunteer requirement to be updated in the volunteer requirement sheet http://www.bit.ly/volreqsheet
  • Volunteer dormancy status to be decided and updated based on a conversation with volunteers to understand their availability.
  • Orientation files and presentation – One stop for everything – Orientation Google Folder shared.
  • Paid promotions for orientation on social media is to be discussed with Doc.
  • Orientation process to be shared with CST/NST for suggestion.
  • Higher turn-out for orientation –

a. Starting promotions two weeks before orientation date

b. Sending multiple Emails/SMS to registered volunteers

c. Engaging volunteers via whatsapp group before orientation date

Agenda 3: Alternate terminology for Point of Contact

Presenter – Doc

Action points:

  • Suggestions to be posted in ELDP 2018-19 post https://bhumi.facebook.com/events/193284584656742/permalink/195415187777015/

Agenda 4: Support IDs

Presenter – Arshath

Action points:

  • Pre-read was shared. The new support IDs to be used and communicated by respective teams.

Agenda 5: Certification policy

Presenter – Ganesh

Action points:

  • Certification for Volunteers below 75% and above 75% attendance – with or without slabs / Letter Of Appreciation / Letter of Recommendation to be shared by Ganesh by this weekend and suggestions to be given.

Agenda 6: Orientation updates

Presenter –  Joshua

Action points:

  • Centre engagement form shared and explained
  • Satheesh to start discussion in workplace in ELDP 2018-19 group

Agenda 7: ELDP updates

Presenter – Arshath

Action points:

  • ELDP process shared and presented. Process to be shared.




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