Ignite Fest: Learning by doing

“By education, I mean an all-round drawing of the best in child and man in body, mind, and spirit.”

These words of Mahatma Gandhi were brought alive by Bhumi’s young volunteers on Sunday, February 10 at the Ignite Fest in Chennai.

Battling challenges that arise from the lack of understanding concepts, personal attention, and a higher pace of content delivery, children are compelled to believe that the school’s interpretation of their academic performance is all that they are capable of. Bhumi’s volunteers of the Ignite (Shelters) programme understand this gap and strive to introduce children to the unlimited possibilities that come with engaging the body, mind, and spirit. Students and young professionals are committed to delivering age-appropriate content to different learning styles and levels every weekend at shelter homes across India.

At Ignite Fest, a culmination of this learning and rich experiences, both volunteers and children had an equal stake – where the former facilitated (and discreetly assessed), children enthusiastically participated, and where the latter showcased, the volunteers intently listened and interacted. Working robots, conceptualised models, and live performances made evident that consistent support and exposure, nurturance and opportunities only steer children forward.

Key highlights:

  • 1,011 children from Bhumi’s 23 shelter homes, 22 community centres, and 3 schools participated
  • 207 volunteers helped organise and execute
  • Group dance, the ‘dustbin’ robot, and the hydraulic forklift caught the most attention

Bhumi’s vision, built on creating an equal, influential and socially conscious society, is only getting stronger with every volunteer stepping in to teach or mentor children. We salute each one of them who made this day possible and wish that 2019-20 is even bigger and better!

Bhumi’s Ignite programme across the country is being supported by BNP Paribas, Oracle, Flex and IM Gears Pvt. Ltd. Thank you partners – if not for your support, our children wouldn’t be able to excel!

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