iCubed 2014 Idea 4: Hybrid Solar Collector

Yohan Simon, Ashish Yadav, Grennwell Peeris – Sathyabama University


Objective: The hybrid solar collector is an innovative system which helps to harness solar energy in a much efficient manner as compared to the traditional systems. The system is automatically controlled by a stepper motor with the help of a programmed microcontroller for collecting and concentrating the solar radiation to one focal point through a set of solar panels positioned in a manner so as to consume solar rays directly from the sun as well as consume the refracted beams. This system is unique as it gives dual output in the form of electricity as well as heated water for domestic and thermal usage. Due to the unique arrangement of the solar panels, collector and transparent tube, the consumption of the solar energy is maximized resulting in high cost savings.

Need: In an era where the fuels are depleting at an alarming rate, there is an urgent need to develop cost competitive alternate energy sources. Solar energy is available in abundance and is a suitable alternate source of energy. However conventional solar systems are less efficient and too expensive. Thus there is need to harness solar energy in a more efficient and economic manner.

Systems are already available for the generation of electrical power or thermal power by the concentration of solar energy using suitable reflectors. Suitable tracking systems have also been developed in an attempt to improve the functioning of these reflectors by keeping them pointed towards the sun.

Implementation: The implementation involves building the application in the following process.

  1. Theoretical study of journals
  2. Procurement of material equipment, devices for test load
  3. Design of the experimental setup and Theoretical & CFD analysis
  4. Fabrication
  5. Experimentation and observation
  6. Result Analysis

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