iCubed 2014 Idea 1: Lend

LEND – Lakshmi & Jude Rohit – Loyola College of Engineering 

DSC_0122Objective: ‘Lend’ is a rural lifestyle improvement project that aims at implementing green technology to make a self-sustainable community by bringing simple changes in the lives of people towards a greener and a more aware tomorrow. It aims at not only catering to the energy needs of the community but also creates a source of alternate livelihood. It also takes up community building activities, thus ensuring an aware and educated society.

Need: There is an immediate need to bridge the gap between the rural and urban India. The government plans for rural development fail majorly because of lack of unified effort. The talents in rural India go suppressed due to lack of awareness and education. Students today lack social responsibility. They need to be aligned with community development projects to introduce the concept of giving. Many innovative energy ideas and solutions do not find a platform for implementation. Corporate sector tries investing a lot on CSR but due to dearth of innovative projects they often end up not doing enough. Though technology is seen as a major cause for the falling environmental standards, we believe that the “right use of the right technology in the right way” can be the solution to all ecological problems

Implementation: The implementation of the idea is planned in five steps.

Step 1 Identification of the problem areas: To understand the needs of the community to give us a better insight on the issues around. Also, activities such as street plays and awareness drives and community building games will help the people open up to us and will in turn improve our understanding.

Step 2 – Panel discussion involving the young minds and experts: The output of stage 1 will be put forth in front of talented youngsters and they will be given time to come with an idea. Experts from the field of energy will head the discussion and then the students in groups will be allowed to present their ideas. The best will be chosen.

Step 3 Innovating projects to improve the community socially, economically, culturally, environmentally etc.: This is the stage where the chosen ideas from the students are drafted into plans. Cost estimation is done and a proper timeline for implementation is brought out.

Step 4  Seeking support from corporate paving way for CSR: With the budget estimate and the project prognosis in place, we seek help from the corporate for financing our project.

Step 5 – Involving the local community, students and corporate to implement the project successfully

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