HCL & Bhumi aid holistic education for children

A strong education is a primary need for nurturing the future of our nation. Right To Education (RTE), 2009 provides access to compulsory and free education to children of age 6 to 14, and it encourages parents from lower income backgrounds to enroll their children in schools. This highlights a very crucial need of education, the infrastructure of low income and government schools. A positive school climate with well developed infrastructure can improve students’ educational experiences.

HCL one of our premier corporate partners, collaborated with us to address this need in Okkiam Thoraipakkam Government Higher Secondary School in Chennai. Our hands-on operations team quickly identified the needs of the school and with the help of HCL and its generous contributions we were able to deliver a well-maintained football ground for their state-level football team along with fulfilling other infrastructural needs too.

Before HCL’s Support

The football team from this school braved all odds to reach the state level and make a mark for itself. However, in the monsoons, the fields became soggy and it became impossible for the students to continue their regular practices. To ensure that the dreams of these young football players don’t get flooded by the monsoon, HCL helped us in setting up proper drainage system and build the football field for them.

After HCL’s Support

Our overall aim of providing holistic education took shape here in this school with undue support from HCL.

Thank You HCL for your generosity

It is impossible to adequately thank them, yet we would like express our heartfelt gratitude to the whole team of HCL for helping us in building a better future for our children.

We at Bhumi realize the importance of good school infrastructure in boosting the morale of all stakeholders involved in the school system and also to reduce drop- outs. In-tune with this holistic approach to education our Ignite+ program was concieved to support schools in building better infrastructure.

As a leader in volunteer engagement, we also run an employee volunteering program to help corporates meaningfully engage their staff. You can partner with Bhumi & become a part of change too. Visit bhumi.ngo/csr for more details.

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