We won! Green Hackathon

Three members from Bhumi’s Eco-Champs team consisting of Vikas Malviya (Eco-Champs Content Co-ordinator ), Snigdha Goel (Eco-Champs Delhi Volunteer Leader), and Aakanksha Kumari ( Bhumi Employee) won the Green Hackathon 2021 organized by Youth for Sustainability over a span of October to December 2021

While 100 teams participated in the Hackathon, after several elimination rounds, the Eco-Champs team made it to the top 5 in October. Post one month of work time, the ideas and the progress were re-pitched in December, and the Eco-Champs team was declared the winner along with a funding of 1 lakh rupees.

The problem statement was centered around how consumers can verify that their products are reaching them through a green supply chain with net-zero carbon emissions. The Eco-Champs team created the blueprint of an app that hosts products by verified sustainability certifications. They’ve targeted Delhi and Chennai as their pilot locations and are currently in the stage of partnering with local organic stores, suppliers & certification authorities for the same. They plan to launch the app once fully operational in the next 6 months.

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