Give Back Day!

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ―Winston S. Churchill

Noted and done by the members of our office in the form of Give Back Day. The third successful year of us having the Give Back day, collaborating with Bhumi, the NGO who helped and directed us to serve in the right way. 

Talking about the D-day, there were a plethora of volunteering opportunities planned for our employees across the Chennai city : 

  • Wall painting and crafts for children at Govt. Primary School, Madambakkam
  • Tree plantation and Sports Day at Govt. Higher Secondary School, Kandigai
  • Trip to the zoo for children from Bhumi’s community centre
  • Making Learning aids for visually impaired children
  • Animal welfare activity at Blue Cross of India

All these activities had active participation and a lot of hard work & planning from each of my colleagues.  

I’m focusing my article more on the wall painting activity since we saw a lot of participation from our team in this & it was one of the most challenging but interesting activities of the day. 

For this particular activity, we had a registration of 50 employees initially, but the numbers surprisingly shot up to 68 the week before the activity. We had the entire school to paint and the walls to turn into learning aids with our creativity.  

The topics for each of the classrooms were provided by the school management to us,  we used these to create fun & child-friendly designs for the walls.  Our designing team gave their best shot to make these as innovative as possible. Our fellow employees who were unable to join us on the D-Day helped in pre-planning and contributed immensely to make the actual activity more streamlined and fulfilling. 

Hard work is the key to success,this was proved by every volunteer on that day. Volunteers who were gearing up for this day since a week arrived as early as 5 am on the location with their excitement and energy. The sketching team arrived at the earliest to draw the outlines for all the other volunteers to fill in and make it colourful. 

Before starting the actual painting we had a small huddle to assign different responsibilities which made the work faster and helped us avoid any chaotic situations. The assignments were done in a way to help everyone feel a part of the team and derive as much happiness as possible from this volunteering opportunity. They all could feel a sense of pride in being a part of something so big and see their tangible contributions in the form of art created by their own hands.

Each piece of art done on the walls of this school’s classrooms, corridors, compound wall, etc was the team’s effort to help children learn better. The whole team was proud at the end of it all – it was a moment we all will cherish for the rest of our lives. The colourful structure that we created stood in front of us as a testimony of our hard work and patience. It proved that when we set our minds to achieve something then nothing seems impossible! 

Every volunteer who participated in this Give Back Day went back home with a huge smile on their face and a sense of satisfaction in their hearts. It all seemed worthwhile when we imagined the happy faces of the children appreciating our artwork in their classrooms. Cheers to all the participants who made this a wonderful day! 

Contributor: Subha, Volunteer (Give Back Day)

Bhumi’s Ignite+ programme supports infrastructure development of low-income schools, shelter homes, and community learning centres. Your organisation can have an impactful volunteer programme too! Visit

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