Gift A Scrap

GIFT YOUR SCRAP, an initiative by volunteers of Bhumi within Hyderabad.
The concept behind GIFT YOUR SCRAP is to fundraise through our household waste. Surprised!! yes, it is household waste. Every day tons of waste are generated from our household cleaning. This waste if not segregated properly becomes hazardous and pollutes our oceans, land, and overall, the environment. GIFT YOUR SCRAP is an innovative fundraising attempt by Bhumi Volunteers, towards scholarships for children from lower economic communities.
The concept behind this fundraiser is to encourage citizens to segregate their waste into wet and dry. The dry waste includes newspapers, carton boxes, dry plastic, old unused books, cosmetic bottles, milk packets, metal waste, and also old household appliances.
Initially Gift Your Scrap our volunteers got huge support from Sid’s Farm who contributed their milk packets. Over the period as the pandemic situation got slowed down volunteers led by Swapna K thought of rolling it out amongst citizens. The process starts with the google form through which potential scrap donors are registered, then with help of SCRAPQ the scrap is collected and the equivalent value is given to the donor. As of now, all the 10 donors have contributed the Scrap value to our fundraiser GIFT YOUR SCRAP, however, it is the complete choice of the Scrap donor not to contribute also as they are indirectly cleaning the environment.

The idea is well appreciated by a lot of women especially housewives who expressed that they were very happy to see that their house cleaning is resulting in a meaningful cause.
GIFT YOUR SCRAP looks forward to more scrap contributors and soon looking to partner with gated communities, apartments, and individuals wherein people don’t have to spend anything from their pocket just have to segregate and contribute.
Special Thanks to SCRAPQ who has supported this initiative. ScrapQ is a unique service provider in the collection of recyclables, enabling recycling, confidential data destruction, and scrap disposal services in Hyderabad.
Please Click Here to GIFT YOUR SCRAP
We request people in Hyderabad to please come forward, segregate your scrap, collect it and contribute for a cause of your choice.

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