Fundraising – A 21st century skill

Asking for money is never easy, but it is still the most important need for supporting any cause. Without adequate funds coming in, it becomes quite difficult to achieve the desired impact for any social cause.

One such goal is to raise funds for children who require scholarships, education. The current pandemic situation has taken a toll on the education system as well. Although there is a digital shift in education, not everyone has enough resources.

Bhumi identifies such children from underprivileged communities and families and sponsors their school and college education through its Scholarship Program

When it comes to making an impact, every cause and effort is worthwhile. Another such cause is environmental conservation. Climate change has been recognized as an immediate threat to our survival by everyone. In 2021, IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has already warned India of facing irreversible impacts of climate change with increasing heat waves, droughts, and rainfall events if no action is taken.

Bhumi is consistently educating our young to fight climate change with its Eco-Champs program

Take ownership of your country and collaborate with Bhumi now. Become a Fundraise and champion our cause.

WordSmith: Varnita Sachdeva, Media4Change Team

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