Field Visit to Museum in Chennai

Bhumi’s volunteers put together a memorable trip to the Museum for children from our Little Einsteins – Science project. They were allowed to explore all the buildings thoroughly, which housed a variety of artifacts of scientific, cultural and historical significance. They were shown an unimaginable and out of this world performance of a life size animatronics dinosaur (T. rex), creating a huge round of applause in appreciation from everyone. Above all, close to the end of the day, a scary 3D movie was screened, which made them all shout in excitement and piqued their curiosity the most.

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Volunteers Speak:

“A day of exceptional fun and enjoyment. I realized that even the smallest duration let alone an entire day, spent with the Webbs kids will be beautiful and make them ecstatic. I learnt that every kid has a thirst for knowledge, and he/she has to be fed that in the right way. The credits go to every single volunteer at Webbs who were able or unable to make it for the trip.” – Shri

“The trip has brought another dimension to the kids knowledge base. Their eyes have been opened to a wide array of possibilities, and this is only a glimpse of the world of possibilities. Hopefully the kids retain this experience for long. Awaiting many such trips in the future.” – Ben

“The trip to the museum was fun and extremely informative, for both kids and the volunteers. It helped the kids get a broader view of the subject and would definitely make them more interested in them. It wasn’t difficult managing the kids, as we had enough volunteers and the whole trip was planned out well, with work delegated to each volunteer, and everyone working efficiently.” – Vanathi

“60+ super enthusiastic kids herded by 15 equally enthusiastic volunteers was the perfect group for a field trip. Although I was initially apprehensive about the kids’ ability to appreciate the exhibits, I was pleasantly surprised when they insisted that they don’t rush through the exhibits. Seeing their faces light up as I explained the exhibits made me realize that this experience has taught them more than several months of classroom teaching. Looking forward to the next field trip.” – Gayathri

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