Eco-Champs Progress Update – Quarter 2 FY18

An initiative of Bhumi to inculcate eco-friendly habits, which mainly involves waste segregation and waste reduction, among children in schools in their day-to-day life. The program is designed to encourage students to connect with the environment through various activities, which aim at inducing behavioural changes that stresses the need for environmental preservation through eco-friendly, sustainable practices. The programme is aligned with UN’s Sustainable Development Goal, focussing on Global Goal #11. More about the programme here

July 2018:

-Volunteers have reached out to 5000+ school children : July Activity accentuating the importance of waste segregation, composting and how landfill pose a threat to healthy living.
-Bhumi Eco-Club : Bhumi Eco-Club initiated ; Eco-Champ badges awarded at the end of every session for students answering the Quiz related to the topic discussed.
-Output at 12 Schools : Students have been enlightened with concepts and importance of waste segregation ; Guidelines to segregate in school and at home.

August 2018

-Seedball activity in 12 schools.
-2000+ Seed Balls in total.

September 2018

-Waste segregation and seed ball making in 14 out of 15 schools.
-Seed ball activity in 12 schools.

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