Earth to canvas

A one of a kind start to a beautiful day was when volunteers from Oath for Good decided to add color to the lives of the under-privileged children at Need Base India – SnehgharOver 60 of the volunteers started the day by making over 200 seed balls–golf ball-sized mixture of soil, seeds and compost, which upon scattering in suitable areas will grow into fine tall trees – an easy, efficient and cost-effective means of afforestation, thus combating the rapid loss of green cover. From hues of brown we decided to tinge towards tints of colour!  Children from these spaces are deprived of a good learning environment, as a part of this we initiated the second activity of the day – Building as Learning Aid (BALA). 

BALA is an innovative idea towards qualitative improvement in education by making use of the school infrastructure to develop a child-friendly and fun-based physical environment by transforming spaces such as corridors, outdoor pockets, etc. and built elements like walls, furniture, floors, etc. into learning material.

Volunteers from Oath for Good selected their canvases to emulsify the plain resources to colors of knowledge for the children to experience a remarkable learning space. The volunteers depicted children happily going to school, rockets, trees with hand prints, alphabets and letter wise complex words for the children to enhance their knowledge in English, water cycle promoting the importance and usage of water etc.

As the saying goes “All the earth colours of the painter’s palette are out there in the many miles of badlands”, the volunteers were enthralled to be part of such an experience where they were able to be a fragment of change to Mother Earth and these deserving under-privileged children. It not only brought out the artistic nature among the volunteers but also fond childhood memories and a unique bond amongst themselves besides their normal routine. The volunteers’ day was definitely filled with hues and tints of joy and colour. 

We look forward to their continued support in such fun-filled impactful activities!



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