Early Childhood Education Programme at Anganwadis

A child’s early years are the foundation for children’s future development, often providing a strong base for lifelong learning and learning abilities including cognitive and social development.

Designed by Indus Action, and implemented by Bhumi, the early childhood education programme focuses on preparing 3-5-year-old children, focussing not only on basic literacy skills but also on social, cognitive & emotional skills and motor skills.

Goal: Improving pre-literacy, pre-numeracy, motor skills and social-emotional skills of the children

Objective: To study if caregiver engagement leads to an increase in school readiness of three to five-year-olds within 100 days

Duration: 3 months (pilot, starting from November 2019)

Primary Target Segment: Primary caregivers (the mother, in most cases)

Curriculum: Designed to support parents with no/minimal education

Monitoring: Assessments of Sample & Control groups

“Family is the first society”, a pre-school child or an Anganwadi child spends maximum time with his/her mother more than, peers or teachers. Hence this project targets mother as the primary caregiver, equipping her to do activities like storytelling, painting using the thumb impression, etc with the kid. This training for mothers will be facilitated by interns.

20 Anganwadi centers were divided into five clusters with four centers each (12 centers in North Chennai & 8 centers in south Chennai). Initial needs and baseline assessments have been completed.

The program has now been initiated in these centers and parents have started observing positive changes like children taking ownership of their books. They are also spending at least 30 minutes every day with their children to teach them.

Here is what some of them shared with us :

“Earlier we used to teach Gopesh alphabets, but we didn’t buy him a book now that he has one, he learns many things about emotions and asks more questions”, says Nandini resident of Gothamedu housing board.

Chandrika,  a resident of Kothavalchavadi was very excited to share how the workbook designed during this program helped her, she remarked “This book helped us discover the artistic side of Rishi, he colors and paints beautifully  & never gets tired of doing that, now he wants more books to color”

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