E-Learning for Children from Urban Slum Communities

“The possibilities are endless when you have the right tools you need to learn”

For thousands of the poverty-stricken children in urban slums, quality education is a distant dream. Quality Education for Slum Children aims to make this dream come true, bringing a significant upliftment in their lives. 

The Present Circumstance:

The COVID-19 pandemic has forestalled right from children’s education to the Olympics! It has led to an unprecedented educational emergency for millions of children in India and more so for  the ones living in the urban slums.

While educational institutions have leaned on online resources to help students learn remotely these ‘luxuries’ are not readily available for children from low-income communities. An effective strategy is necessary to manage the crisis and build a resilient Indian education system for all strata of children in the long term.

According to “LiveMint.com”, the graph depicts the learning levels of Children under different household categorization with respect to access of resources to grapple the lockdown. 

Our Intervention: 

Bhumi’s after-school community centres address the dearth of holistic education while building life skills and modelling good behaviour, delivered by trained tutors from within the community. The year (pre-corona) 2019-2020 benefitted 838 children of 24 community centres offline and post-corona (2020-2021) we have been benefitting 179 children of 19 community centres in e-learning sessions. 

To overcome the vagaries caused by this pandemic, we started online classes for our beneficiaries who have families using a normal mobile phone. The curiosity that these children bring to the class every time is remarkable to witness. Even though the sessions are delivered online the children happily pack their bags, get ready and settle with all the necessary supplies just in time before class. The energy during the online sessions are just as much as in-person classes! 

This online interaction brings in a flurry of emotions too, the children listen, pause the tutors in-between to clear their doubts, they post messages in the chat & mute and unmute themselves as needed. They laugh, they create chaos, some go beyond and mute the tutors while they sincerely concentrate on delivering the class. But that’s the beauty in it, isn’t it? 

49 online classes have been delivered so far. Apart from usual academics (Math, English, Tamil) we have been engaging them in well curated sessions on Science Experiments; an activity on Birds which helped their imagination fly in all directions; the quintessential session on COVID-19 awareness; and many extracurricular activities such as yoga, painting & quizzes.

The e-sessions are made interactive and engaging to ensure effectiveness of the time and maintain the energy levels of children along with their physical and mental wellbeing.  

Online learning sessions during this pandemic is inevitable and we as a team are exhilarated to provide this suitable learning space for our beneficiaries during these tough and testing times. We look forward to more such amazing experiences with them.

Bhumi’s Ignite Programme in urban slums, supported by corporates like L&T, DXC Technology, and Maveric, looks at building sustainable communities with education as the focal point.

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  • Shuchi Satle
    August 27, 2020 at 6:27 pm

    Will be super happy if I can help in these e-learning sessions :).

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