E-Lakshya : Corona diaries

Major world events are often an inflection point for innovation & this global lockdown, due to coronavirus is no different. 

At Bhumi, volunteers are engaged in brainstorming and coming up with ideas to continue igniting young minds through education. We have started exploring different online options to inculcate knowledge in this time of the pandemic, in our children. 

The e-Lakshya classes for this academic year have commenced officially – on 26 April. Kudos to the proactive team leads in Pune and the wonderful volunteers in the city.

Back in 2014-15, when easily-accessible high-speed internet was unheard of, especially, in a tier two city like Trichy, (which even today has no effective fibre optic network provider) one Lakshya volunteer named Harish Marimuthu came up with the idea of e-Lakshya. 

The idea was to reach out kids virtually in locations where we didn’t have the necessary volunteer-kid ratio. The initiative was successfully executed in one centre, with people connecting from the USA and Germany with our kids in Trichy. Though the logistical challenges didn’t let us continue with the operations, the IDEA remained in our spirits.

And today, we have reinitiated e-Lakshya sessions in a shelter home in Pune (fun fact: Pune wasn’t a Lakshya chapter until the beginning of April 2020). Volunteers were trained by Sampath, one of the leads in initiating e-Lakshya in Trichy in 2014.

On the D-day, our volunteers, Madhavi and Nicky were in different parts of Pune, with the SASA centre being located in a totally remote area in the city. They connected virtually and the session was held successfully. They conducted activities for a classroom of 18 adolescent kids. The activity was based on the current pandemic, prevailing across the globe and its safety measures. Also for the secondary school kids, an activity called “Pick a Color” was conducted – with each colour containing a question on routine life.

With this, Lakshya is travelling back to its ever-stronger roots, but with a post-modern mindset and ecosystem, amidst the pandemic. There are many other internal changes taking place within Lakshya, a sample portion of which is the commencement of classes. More to come!

WordSmith: Santhosh Mathevan, Volunteer (Chennai)

Bhumi’s Ignite Programme at shelter homes, supported by corporates like Oracle, BNP Paribas, Flex, and IM Gears Pvt. Ltd., provides supplementary education through weekend volunteering.

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