“Digitally Literate Communities” – Online Workshops by Communities Team

“A digitally inclusive world should allow young people, no matter their situation, to get access to education”

Inequities in access to Digital Literacy

The current technology paced world is defining and refining society in a plethora of ways, whilst digital deprivation of the underprivileged population of our country are subjected to being affected the most. 

According to the 2017 – 2018 National Sample Survey Report on Education, only 24% of Indian households have internet facility. While 66% of India’s population live in the rural households, only 15% have access to internet. For urban households, the proportion is 42%. 

An article by scroll states that with the existing digital divide, expanding online education will push the digital have-nots to the periphery of the education system, thereby increasing inequity in educational outcomes. 

The New Normal

The present scenario has brought to the fore, the urgent need of bridging these digital inequities as schools all-over the world have shifted to remote learning. 

Bhumi has been effectively combating the unprecedented situation by providing e-learning opportunities for the children from our after-school community centres. 

The digital literacy programme was initiated with the vision to transform into digitally empowered and skilled communities. Though we have been challenged with equipping the stakeholders with basic technical knowledge and availability of a device, we have successfully begun our digital literacy workshops via online for the 50 youth and children from the communities. We conduct digital literacy sessions twice a week and also focus on socio-emotional learning sessions weekly once to raise awareness on the importance of emotional well-being during these tough-testing times. 

Feedback from some of the Beneficiaries…

“I like the digital literacy sessions very much and gain a lot of knowledge. I did not know how to open a computer nor use e-mail before these classes. Thank you, Bhumi, for arranging these sessions.”

– Sharmila (Youth Beneficiary)

“I have learned many things from these sessions, especially my ability in some tasks. I’ve enjoyed it thus far and it’s a good way to spend my time usefully”.

Shantosh Raj RK (Student Beneficiary)

“I have learned to use Gmail and how to operate a device such as a mobile phone or a computer. The sessions made me realise my ability and the skills within. I eagerly wait for Bhumi classes and enjoy the learning process”

– Dheepika B (Student Beneficiary)

It has been a challenge thus far in getting the beneficiaries into the classes, but we have been actively following up with them on their progress and helping them learn new topics. This brings our team an immense joy to be able to bring a positive change in the communities and equipping them to be digitally literate. We look forward to more such fruitful engagements with the children and the youth!

Bhumi’s Ignite Programme in urban slums, supported by corporates like L&T, DXC Technology, and Maveric, looks at building sustainable communities with education as the focal point.

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