deStep : Putting the right foot forward

Children have a natural tendency to move. Structuring this natural tendency, while channelising their energy and thoughts, is what we call dance

Dance facilitates imagination & can play an important part in a child’s holistic development, social life, and interpersonal relations. Children from humble backgrounds possess the intrinsic talent for such arts but do not have access to learn it in a professional setup. Bhumi addresses this void of extracurricular activities amongst such children through one of its projects called deStep. 

deStep is a creative space for safe expression and imagination facilitated by volunteers trained in different forms of dance. Many of our deStep children have participated in different dance competitions across India and won awards. 

Ms. P. Hema, the program manager at Seva Samajam Children’s Home and Lady Nye School says that “we are happy our children are supported by Bhumi for learning dance. The performance of children in the talent show at Narada Gana Sabha (Chennai) last year was spectacular. Thank you, deStep for making this possible! ”

We also asked her further about the project and the progress of the children and this is what she had to share:

Ajmal: How have your children benefited from learning dance?  
P. Hema: The children’s skill in dance has been groomed professionally. They now represent the school and the (shelter) home in different internal and external programs too. We see them dance confidently with so much grace and no fear on-stage. 

Ajmal: Do you observe any behavioural changes in the children because of the program? 
P.Hema: Of course! The gender gap between boys and girls has narrowed down. But, what is truly obvious is that the confidence of our adolescent girls to dance on-stage has increased significantly.

Ajmal: What changes would you like to see in the future?  
P.Hema: The needs of the children / the school can be discussed before starting the program, helping both teams to be aligned better.

We are extremely grateful to Ms Hema for sharing her experience with us. This has instilled further belief in us that we are on the right path. We hope deStep can help our children to foster a more positive attitude towards life and elevate their self-confidence in becoming better individuals.

Contributor: Ajmal Hussain, Volunteer

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Bhumi’s Ignite Programme at shelter homes, supported by corporates like Oracle, BNP Paribas, Flex, and IM Gears Pvt. Ltd., provides supplementary education through weekend volunteering.

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