Cycles of Change!

Who else could benefit the most from cycles than children who walk 4-5kms to school every day?

When FocusU Engage approached Bhumi to identify children in need of cycles, we knew exactly where to go – far from Chennai, away from the perks of having easy access to transportation – to children who walked over a thousand steps each day to get to school! 

With great excitement, we identified an NGO in Kalpakkam (a small town 70 km from Chennai) that works with women and children in remote villages to whom these cycles could be donated to. 

On the day of gifting these cycles, manually assembled by the employees of The Hindu, the children were thrilled with joy. The employees of The Hindu gave a warm reception to these children with a big round of applause, and spent the rest of the evening having fun – the children were the celebrities of the day! 

The primary caregiver of the children remarked, “these cycles help not only these 20 children, but their family, their neighbours, and their village”.

As rightly said, these cycles will make a huge difference in removing that one obstacle for these children – skipping school fearing the distance –  certainly a boost to change and uplift themselves. 

As everyone left the venue, we heard one of the children say “I want to go to school every day in my new cycle!”

Cycles of Change, indeed!

Contributor: Ashmita Japsen, ChangeDriver

Bhumi is a leader in Volunteer Engagement consistently contributing 300,000+ hours of volunteering nationally for various sustainable development goals. In 2019 Bhumi has engaged more than 10000 corporate volunteers to contribute towards a sustainable change.

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