City City Hunt Hunt 2015

Chennai’s biggest Treasure Hunt


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How much do we as Chennaiites know about our city?

  • Known as the “Detroit of India” for its automobile industry, Chennai is the biggest industrial and commercial centre in South India, and a major cultural, economic and educational centre.
  • Chennai is the sixth-largest city and fourth-most populous metropolitan area in the country.
  • Chennai is the secondary financial hub in the country, after Mumbai.
  • Chennai also has a great mixture of traditional, cultural and modern architecture.  It’s also a city which offers a vast diversity in exotic cuisines.

There are several places within Chennai, rich in history whose values have a great significance and many among us do not have complete knowledge about the same. AID India and Bhumi plan to come together to organize and host a one of its kind event, Chennai’s biggest Treasure Hunt – City City Hunt Hunt. This hunt will be held on 18th October, 2015, and will bring together people from different walks of life – all for a social cause!

An event for individuals (a group of 4) – working professional and college students, to participate and explore Chennai in the most exciting and funniest way. The hunt will take you through the cultural, traditional and modern parts of Chennai leading to an enthralling finish. The hunt will have 5 clues to crack before reaching the finish point, with hidden traps in between to divert before getting to the destination. Surprise gifts worth Rs. 50,000/- awaits the team which finishes first, and on the whole treasure’s worth Rs. 1,00,000/- to be discovered awaits. An experience like never before, will leave people dearer to the city at the end. Close to 100+ Chennaites are expected to attend the event, by donating for AID India and Bhumi’s cause.

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All proceeds from the event will be used to educate the under-privileged children by AID India and Bhumi, and will be eligible for 80G Tax exemption receipts.
The event registration limit has been reached and hence closed. If you would like to participate in future events please register here we will contact you only for future events.
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