City City Hunt Hunt 2015 – Guidelines

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General Guidelines

Personal Safety:

  1. All teams are required to be compliant to general personal safety guidelines at all times.
  2. The organizer is not liable to any misdeed/accident caused to any participant during the event.

Health Concerns:

  1. Tasks may require consistent physical efforts in addition to logical and problem solving abilities.
  2. We recommend reporting any health concern that may incapacitate a team member in the registration form itself. In such cases, the organizer reserves the right to permit/deny entry to the event.

Event Guidelines

  1. All teams are required to report at a designated time in the start point as intimated prior to the event day.
  2. From start point till end point, a team is required to report with all 4 members to qualify for subsequent steps.
  3. Tardiness to report and absence of few team members while reporting may result in disqualification of the teams.
  4. The event may start and end at different parts of the city. We request teams to arrange transportation to start point and from end point in view of this.
  5. The mode of transport to be taken by teams to commute to different spots will be intimated as part of the clues.
  6. No private transport will be allowed during the course of the event.
  7. All teams are required to adhere to the given mode of transport and show appropriate proof (tickets/receipt) for the same.
  8. Failing to abide by transport rules may result in disqualification of the teams.
  9. The specific location task team designates the rules for each task and reserves the right to approve the completion of each task.
  10. All teams are required to abide by the rules laid out by the specific location task team to successfully complete the tasks.
  11. Time penalty may be awarded if teams fail to decipher clues and seek hints from the specific location task team.
  12. Malpractice in any form is considered a violation of event guidelines.
  13. The event organizer reserves the right to disqualify any team if found guilty.

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Registration Guidelines

Team formation:

  1. Each team to have exactly four (4) members.
  2. Minimum age for a participant is 18, there is no maximum age.
  3. We recommend at least one member of each team be familiar with the city, and familiarity with the local language Tamil is a valuable asset.
  4. Team may consist of members from different age group, educational/corporate institution.
  5. Registration fee per team is Rs. 4000/-
  6. Once the team is registered, the team will be intimated the payment guidelines, and the next steps.

Offers & Cancellation Policies:

  1. Registration fee is non-refundable.
  2. Bulk registration (5 teams or more) – to contact organizing team for benefits.
  3. Early bird offer – All teams registering before 30th September, 2015 will get two(2) cake donor passes to Cake for a Cause event. To know more, please visit – Cake for a Cause

Point of Contact

Mr. Ben Adityan – 98400-91634 | [email protected]
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