Celebrating India’s unity and strength in communities: Part 2/2

“Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.”     

On India’s 73rd Independence Day this year, incidentally also the day Bhumi was founded in 2006, we celebrated volunteering at three of our community centers with DXC employees. 

Allowing children to express themselves without any inhibitions is the essence of independence; and most often, providing them with a positive and encouraging environment to learn is what freedom can truly mean! 

With this core belief, we designed our celebrations at Nagalkeni and Srinivasapuram (two centers) as a sporting event where children from classes 3-8 showcased their talents.  Alumni children and community volunteers also actively participated in the event. 

At the Kothavalchavadi center, an art competition was organised by the tutors with the support of DXC volunteers. There was something for the parents too – they had to don their chef hats and cook something sweet as apart of the cooking challenge!

The day came to a close with prize distribution for the winners. DXC employees actively participated in coordinating and executing the events. Their words of encouragement helped the children and tutors to perform well. Altogether more than 100 children were benefited from this whole event, celebrating the true meaning of independence in Bhumi’s community center in urban slums. 

When asked to share their experience with this event, Pavithra one of the DXC volunteers gushed: “It was a wonderful experience for me to celebrate this Independence Day with Bhumi! Kudos to the teachers who have trained them so well!”

Mohammed Farook, another DXC volunteers recounted his experience as:  “All the students who participated exhibited their exemplary skills which impressed all. Special thanks to BHUMI and its members who made this lovely day happen and I hope they do more such activities in the future!” 

We sincerely thank DXC and its volunteers for making this super special!

Wordsmith: Shankar B, Changedriver 

Bhumi’s Ignite Programme in urban slums, supported by corporates like L&T, DXC Technology, and Maveric, looks at building sustainable communities with education as the focal point.

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