Bhumians connect – Volunteering during COVID-19 | Minutes March 25, 2020

Participants: 78
Duration: 90 minutes
Cities: Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Patna, Pune and Trichy
Mode: Zoom

With the current COVID-19 crisis that we are facing, Bhumi volunteers came together to discuss how Bhumi can bring solutions for the challenges that we see around us. The discussion started with a broader question: COVID-19 is a sensitive time for everyone. As volunteers, what can we do to help those in need and crisis? We then broke out into smaller groups to brainstorm ideas . Visit: Bhumi’s Covid-19 page

Ideas, Action Points & Next Steps

Direct Financial Transfer for poor families

  • General fund transfer for immediate essential needs to avoid unwanted movement
  • Collecting data of beneficiaries is an important next step
  • Identify specified needs in the long term – Fund transfer can be considered for long term needs like education, medical conditions
  • Fundraising – Link

Online volunteering for CoVid19

  • Launching a helpline for Covid19
  • Creating a basic awareness campaign on CoVid-19 for Humans and Animals
  • Match beneficiaries in Bhumi’s database and fulfill through other NGOs and Corporate partners
  • Supporting other NGOs in their Communication and Social media presence – Media4Change

Online volunteering for other Causes

  • Develop content for Bhumi’s educational projects
  • Identify different tech opportunities which would be beneficial for nonprofits. And match the volunteers with related skillsets – Tech4Change
  • Call people in old age homes and have conversations with them
  • Online Volunteering conference

On-ground volunteering for CoVid19

  • To plan tasks while being mindful of the safety of volunteers and lowering the risk for their families
  • Identify beneficiaries for Financial Transfer
  • Support existing Bhumi shelter homes, community centers and school communities with their requirements
  • Providing support to hospitals required blood donation
  • Supporting families of daily wager workers
  • Distributing hygiene kits for the homeless
  • Distributing menstrual hygiene products for needy women
  • Awareness among communities, daily wage workers, construction workers, migrant workers who are unable to travel back home

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