Bhumi awarded PayPal’s Tech for Good grant

Bhumi, an organisation committed to educating the underprivileged, is thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a grant from PayPal’s Tech for Good Program. The grant was recommended by an employee at PayPal from its Chennai office, and it will be used to improve the learning centres Bhumi has set up in the urban slums of Chennai.

This was made possible through PayPal’s Tech for Good Program which launched in 2018 and leverages the funds the company receives for retired tech assets to benefit nonprofits and schools around the world.

“Tech for Good helps us extend the positive impact we seek to have as a company and actively contribute to and strengthen communities around the world,” said Julie Vennewitz-Pierce, Director of PayPal Gives. “We’re proud to leverage the funds we receive from our retired technology to allow nonprofits and schools to invest in new technology that will help advance their mission. The organizations that we are supporting through the Tech for Good program help build stronger, more inclusive communities that enable greater opportunity for individuals and families.” Bhumi is a great example of this effort, and we’re pleased to support their work.”

Bhumi’s Ignite program in urban slums is creating a safe and healthy environment to support children with basic skills in literacy, mathematics, trigger their social consciousness and help them discover their individual talents. In the process, we believe that these communities will also become self-reliant in identifying problems, designing solutions and thus, creating self-reliant communities.

Funded by corporate contributions, PayPal Gives is one of the ways PayPal steps forward to further Payal’s social impact objectives and actively support our communities across the globe. PayPal Gives supports and amplifies PayPal employees’ efforts to improve the neighborhoods in which they live and work through charitable giving, volunteering and fundraising.

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