Benefits of Volunteering – Increases chance of getting a job

If you are job hunting, or just looking around for new opportunities, you have probably spent a lot of time recently tending to your LinkedIn profile. Updating your experience. Joining new groups. Building your network. But what if I told you there is something else that you probably aren’t doing which could dramatically increase your odds of getting a job? It’s not about getting a graduate degree, and it’s not even about learning a new skill.

According to the research, the smartest and most often overlooked thing you can do to get ahead in the competitive job market is to start giving back. That’s right. If you want to improve your odds of getting your dream job, it is time to start volunteering..

According to Dr. Chris Spera, CNCS’s Director of Research & Evaluation and one of the authors of the report Volunteering as a Pathway to Employment, active volunteers were 27% more likely to get a job than non-volunteers. And the relationship held stable across gender, race, ethnicity, age, location, and unemployment rate. That’s a big difference.

The findings echo a LinkedIn survey of 2,000 professionals which found that 41% of respondents consider volunteer experience to be as important as work experience for job candidates. The survey also found that 20% of hiring managers have offered jobs based on a candidate’s volunteer experience.

Here’s how you can add your Volunteer experience to LinkedIn:

>To add the new “Volunteer Experience” section to your LinkedIn profile, click the “Profile” link at the top of the page, then select “Add profile section”.From there, select “Volunteer Experience” then “Add to Profile”.

> In the new “Volunteer Experience & Causes” field,you can add volunteer positions, causes you care about, and organizations you support

Do more than just list your volunteer experience in a single bullet point. Think details. In the volunteer sections of your LinkedIn, describe your experience as your regular work. Include dates of service, title, responsibilities and accomplishments. What skills did you bring? How did you lead? What did you learn or achieve?

So what are you waiting for? If you need some help getting started come visit us at And once you’ve found a great place to volunteer add it to your LinkedIn profile. You can also follow Bhumi on LinkedIn and stay updated about our happenings

(Cross posted: Original article by Greg Baldwin,VolunteerMatch on LinkedIn)

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