Becoming an Employer of “Choice” through engagement

Skills-based volunteering programs are picking up steam. Fifty-four percent of companies now encourage their people to offer their specialized skills and talents to charities on a pro bono basis.

Skills-based volunteering enables individuals to apply their unique skills and experience to causes they are passionate about, yielding tangible benefits for all parties involved. Companies in turn benefit from the important competencies their people develop outside the workplace, like leadership, autonomy, cross-functional collaboration and problem-solving. 

A More Inclusive Program is a More Engaging Program

A flexible, holistic Goodness program that includes both volunteering and giving leads to higher participation, greater engagement and bigger impact while demonstrating that the company truly cares
about the same things their people do. In fact, it may be the most authentic way a company can do so.

Including a giving component in your program allows employees who have built relationships with specific organizations to provide financial assistance in addition to volunteering (particularly when coupled with the convenience of payroll donations). Not only does this strongly increase the employee engagement benefits of the program, but it can also serve as a cultural benefit to your company, connecting people who work in different locations.

Not Everyone Has the Time or Inclination to Volunteer (Even Millennials)

When employee engagement is one of your goals, and you have a diverse workforce with equally diverse needs, offering choice in how people can invest in the things most important to them—through time, money, talent or all three—is just as important as offering choice in who they can give to. You can do this by offering both volunteering and giving as options.

Companies that have integrated volunteering and giving programs have 50% higher participation rates than those that only offer one option.

Giving and Volunteering Go Hand in Hand

Volunteers donate and donors volunteer. In fact, 70 percent of people who volunteer also donate their personal funds, so enabling both is doubly engaging. It therefore makes sense to offer giving and volunteering within the same workplace giving platform.

Designing a dual-focused program that includes volunteering and giving doesn’t have to strain your budget. Further, charities can net more money (particularly with giftmatching), and the employee engagement rewards your company will reap are invaluable.

So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to engage more people in your Goodness program. Make it just that: a “Goodness” program that supports all the ways your people want to give back.

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