Applying Math to enable practical learning

Bhumi’s Math program, for children from grades 1 to 5, helps understand basic concepts in Mathematics through innovative techniques. To increase the impact and effectiveness of teaching, to build an interest in the subject and not fear it, going by the traditional methods are not enough nor appealing. To bridge this gap, we teach through activities or by using kits!

It has been observed that engaging activities help in improving listening, retention, and concentration in children. We at Bhumi, believe in continuous improvement, and hence, our aim for the academic year 2019-20 in Pune was to maximize our efforts and harness the new methodology of teaching through activities. To come up with activities that were easy enough for the children to understand, and would leave a lasting impact, demanded consistent efforts and time from the entire team.

The team stood up to the challenge and after analysing and understanding the syllabus thoroughly came up with some wonderful and interactive activities for various topics, with new activities lined up in the upcoming weeks! Volunteers were as enthusiastic as the kids, if not more while conducting the activities!

From teaching multiplication through the multiplication wheel, perimeter and area using matchsticks, 2D and 3D shapes with clay and toothpicks, to teaching place value with the help of beautifully handcrafted rockets, volunteers have managed to create an astounding learning environment for the children.

The enthusiasm projected by the children for every new activity and the thorough and profound understanding of the concept shown by them after conducting the activity, indeed proved to be the driving force for us to go that extra mile!

A few experiences of our volunteers.

Sheetal: When we were teaching and engaging with kids through new teaching activities they tend to be more attentive. When they saw the activity of kits they were very excited and curious to know about the concept and how will it be applicable in what we were teaching them. Also, we feel satisfied with the attentiveness and enthusiasm shown by the kids in listening and learning the concepts, our time with the kids has proven fruitful. The rewarding feeling and the satisfaction that we get when we are able to manage the kids and teach them effectively is just immeasurable.

Aayushi: The most important part of the activities was to get kids more involved by themselves and make them more engulfed in learning, but the results were beyond our expectations. Preparing the material does take a lot of effort and hard work, but we also get the satisfaction that we are doing something which is going to help them to clear their concepts and affect their way of thinking in a positive manner.

 Reetika: Teaching through activities for the first time, it also made me realize that it was the most effective way to inculcate fundamental concepts into their young, budding minds. It was genuinely enlightening to watch their tiny eyes gleaming brightly whenever they gave a correct answer to the questions we asked, in the small competitions we conducted to give them a sense of urgency. The ecstasy on their little faces when they were rewarded, for me, these are the little things that truly drive me to work harder for the children and give them the right environment and knowledge to nurture their capabilities. 

WordSmith: Himani Talati (Volunteer, Pune)

Bhumi’s Ignite Programme at shelter homes, supported by corporates like Oracle, BNP Paribas, Flex, and IM Gears Pvt. Ltd., provides supplementary education through weekend volunteering.

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