Inspiring Change – Maran from Chennai

“I felt really proud when the teacher called my son a model student in front of his fellow classmates” ~ Maran’s Father

I’m Maran, and I have been studying at Bhumi’s learning centre for the past three years. I joined the centre through a tutor who came to our home and explained about Bhumi’s after-school programme. My mother felt relieved when she heard there was no fee and that the programme would help bridge my learning needs. I have been to other tuition centres before where I used to go unwillingly and with no interest but coming to Bhumi’s centre every day is unlike any other experience.

“If we want children to become creative leaders then we must learn to follow their lead at an early age.” ~ Vince Gowmon

I learn Mathematics, Tamil and English through activities and kits in the centre. Our tutor is very caring, and we have a lot of respect for her.

Two weeks ago, we were taken to “Ignite Fest” (Bhumi’s annual educational fest) where we demonstrated our skills and participated in many activities. I enjoyed being a part of such a positive environment and when I shared with my parents, they wanted to come along next time to watch me participate.

With the support of my tutor and my renewed interest in academics, I scored the first rank in my half-yearly exams for the first time – this made me burst with joy.

My aspiration is to become a police officer and reform those commit crimes. Our tutor is inspiring and constantly guides us on the right path, supporting us to achieve our aspirations.

When asked about Maran, his tutor (who stays above his house) said “I used to hear him shout a lot whenever he didn’t get what he wanted. But, after having a deep and reflective conversation on what triggered this behaviour and how it was taking away the best of him, Maran soon transformed into a more articulate and patient individual.

With a great sense of pride, Maran’s father still remembers the day Maran’s teacher called him to school during class hours. Walking in with no idea why he was called in, Maran’s father was pleasantly surprised to learn that Maran had not only bagged the 1st rank but was also being considered a role model to the class – this announcement was made in front of the class, bringing so much joy to both Maran and his father.

Contributor: Shilpa Seshadri, Changedriver

Bhumi’s Ignite Programme in urban slums, supported by corporates like L&T, DXC Technology, and Maveric, looks at building sustainable communities with education as the focal point.

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