All children together – A memorable parting of ways

The 17th of January turned out to be an eventful day for about 50 children of the All Children Together Trust (ACTT), a shelter home situated in south Kolkata near Lake Gardens.

2Recently, due to unfortunate circumstances, ACTT announced that the home will be shut down because of lack of funds. This meant that the children will be segregated and shifted to different shelter homes as per availability. A group of Bhumi volunteers of the Kolkata took up the initiative to plan an activity for the children so that they could have one wonderful evening together before they part ways.

Starting with a sumptuous lunch provided by The Robin Hood Army, the volunteers spent almost four hours to make the day special. Soon after lunch, the music band Transcendental Tunes joined the children and happily played some great music for them.

7As evening approached, the volunteers conducted small activities to engage the children. The kids also played football, cricket, and Dodgeball along with the volunteers. They sweated it out and exhausted themselves, but simultaneously brimming their hearts with joy. The energetic young lads and lasses, now tired but contented, rested to spend the evening subtly, having some interesting conversations with the volunteers.

In the end, the volunteers bid goodbye to the kids with a sense of happiness, that the parting of ways for the kids wouldn’t be uneventful, but rather it would be memorable. With good food, good music, the enthusiasm of the volunteers, and the joyful spirit of the children, it turned out to be an amazing Sunday.


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