A thoughtful, sensitive, green birthday celebration!

At Bhumi, we have hundreds of stories about volunteering and the greater good – but this one is special! 

Last week we received an unusual letter, but the content of it left us craving for more! Mr Anandha celebrated his friend’s birthday with seedballs and Bhumi. He shared his awe-inspiring experience with us and we would like for you to read it in his own words. 

“Every year, October is a very special month for me. It’s Anu’s birthday month & I usually cannot contain my excitement planning surprises for her! Her birthday is on Oct 12 but the week leading up to it is full of joy, happiness, and sharing. 

This year I was motivated to plan the celebrations with finer details so that I could make her really happy. I was longing to do something different and then I read somewhere about Daan Ustav – India’s festival of Giving which is celebrated from October 2-8 every year. I thought to myself, why not celebrate her birthday with the joy of giving!

Anu is someone who makes me smile, she appreciates my company and motivates me to do better every time. Her birthday is the time for me to give back all this love & care to her and make her smile even more! 

Being an avid lover of nature & wildlife, I decided to celebrate her birthday by giving back to mother Earth. I selected one of the days of Daan Utsav, October 6, and visited Thiruvananthapuram Zoological Park with her. Being really excited, as soon as we entered the park I started sharing my knowledge about the different species, their prey, habitats, and special abilities. She really enjoyed all the knowledge sharing and was thoroughly engrossed in watching them and learning more. 

The park had really beautiful green trees, old and new, that one could not help but smile at this wonder of nature. How mother Earth provides for everything we need, it amazes me all the time! I also explained to her the importance of trees and why we need them for a better tomorrow.

As the sun started setting, the tangerine sky looked extraordinary against this green setting. This is when we moved to Udayagiri fort & deer park for our seedball dispersal. Earlier we made 108 seedballs with the help of Bhumi to mark her 18th birthday. I also secured special permission from Tamil Nadu forest department for this initiative.

Mr Pushparaj from Kanyakumari Forest region along with his staff helped and encouraged me throughout this event. I have learned a lot of things about wildlife and trees from the respected staff. I’m very thankful to the team and officials to help make this happen. 

Finally, we sowed our 108 seed balls in a particular place inside of the sanctuary which had lost a large number of trees during the Okchi cyclone.  

To seal this amazing day with fond memories I also presented her with some more eco-friendly gifts like newspaper pencils, a plantable pen & a plantable notebook. The smile on her face said it all – she was elated to be a part of this green birthday celebration. 

Please make your celebrations more green and eco-friendly – think about the environment and spend the same amount of money that could buy a cake in planting more trees! 

Thank you, Bhumi, Mr Pushpaparj & Kanyakumari Wildlife sanctuary for helping me design my green experience.” 

Yours environmentally,  
Anandha Padmanaban

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    November 6, 2019 at 4:38 pm

    Best of luck !! 🙂

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