A carol of hope

It had been a cozy warm afternoon for the people in Kolkata, but the New Year’s Eve was certainly meant to be special for Bhumi and the children of the Hope foundation. We entered the Hope premises in South Kolkata after the lunch hours and the whole ambience was already gleaming in joy.

Image 01Our fun session started with a small song “Hum sab ek hain”, enveloping all the tiny toddlers and the teenage girls present there. Fifty seven girls of the centre along with six of us – it was an outburst of happiness and glee that was instantaneous and being shared by everyone there.

Who-has-the-pillow has the charm of bringing out a lot from every individual, but no one knew so many surprises awaited us, describing the enriching potential of the munchkins present there. It started with a Bengali song by one ray of sunshine which tells – ami ekta chotto oli, jai phooley phooley (I am a little honey bee who travels from one flower to another). Quite a few performances — singing, recitations, dancing — followed one after the other.

Image 02Many of the sparklers went for rhymes while a few of them were caught spreading the love by telling funny jokes and mimicry. One of them was a child in class I, who showed how a daily routine works out, starting from brushing the teeth till snoring away during the night. That you can never ignore any child thinking she is not old enough, was proved right once again when one girl not only sang herself but urged everyone to sing along — in unity we believe.

New steps and moves were created every time, as one after the other danced gracefully with all the ease.  In this context, one kid earned a special place in everyone’s heart – she was magnificent with the Hula hoop.

Image 03Everything that has a beginning has an end – our time too was limited and it ended with the gift distribution ceremony consisting cakes, candies, crayons and pencil boxes. It was late afternoon by the time we were done with the session, and blooming with effervescent, nay ecstatic energy, we all returned home.

Special thanks to Bhumi for giving us a platform so wonderful where we could be a part of happiness of these innocent lives and Hope Foundation to whom this home belongs to.

Also, from left to right, it would be our youngest volunteer -Suman, Kanini coordinator of Kolkata -Abhishek Jha, our favourite Rashmi (she is the best), Ishwari (the city HR happened to be the musical-lady of this event), Abhishek Rajaram (to suggest the theme of this session was his idea) and me! Thanks a ton for reading this – wishing you a great time ahead! Keep smiling 🙂

-Sabitri Sanyal (Operations Coordinator, Kolkata)

Image 04

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