3 Reasons you should join the next Beach Clean-up in Chennai

Bhumi’s Catalyse Team has been organising regular beach clean-ups every weekend in the Thiruvanmiyur Stretch, Chennai. Taking the time to clean up a beach has many benefits, from saving the marine animals to enriching your own quality of life.

Read on to learn the top 3 reasons why you should join us on our next clean-up drive:

Spend a meaningful weekend with friends/family

Sand between your toes, and fresh sea breeze! The best part about beach cleanups is that you get to be outside, and spend your weekend doing something meaningful in nature! Cleaning up your local beach also means meeting lots of new people.

Saving Marine Life :

We have been waking up to horrifying headlines about sea life. Marine creatures that unfortunately died due to consuming or being trapped by the plastic waste we throw in the oceans. When our garbage washes up on coastlines, it gives us an opportunity to remove it before the tide washes it back out. This ensures a safer environment for marine life.

Preserve Natural Treasures :

Beaches are diverse, beautiful, natural resources for us to explore & enjoy. Unfortunately, trash on our beaches is slowly destroying these shared treasures. Beach Clean-Ups are a great way to restore the beauty of nature and make is accessible for all.

Join Bhumi for the next beach clean up in Chennai – Sign up @ www.bhumi.ngo/chennai-beach

Last Saturday, March 26, 2022, we organised a mega clean-up engaging 500+ volunteers. It was a beautiful day with school children, young adults, and the elderly all coming together for a shared purpose. Find below a testimonial from a school-going volunteer that filled our hearts with joy!

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