Bhumi Service Desk

We are glad to present Bhumi Service Desk now available in Zoho to help you place a Service Request that generates a ‘Ticket number’ which makes it easier for you to track status of your requests. Based on your request selection, respective support functions like Operations, HR and Finance will look into your request and assist you accordingly.
Note: For now only request to Operations team is available, other team’s will be activated in near future.
Please click on Estimated Completion Time to see the timelines for each category of requests. This may be revised from time to time based on feedback and internal team discussions, so please check the timelines before further follow-up of the request.
Note: Only requests for categories unavailable in this system will be entertained via email.
Follow the category prescribed for requirement suitably and please be as descriptive of the query as possible. Also please give all the mandatory information(even attachments) required to help support any request at earliest avoiding follow-ups for more information by support teams.
You can raise a ticket to Service Desk team by
  1. Logging into Zoho Creator > Ignite > Bhumi Service Desk > add OR
  2. By clicking the button below