Certificate Request

Ignite Certificate Policy

Certificate of Social Responsibility/ Letter of Recommendation/ Acknowledgment letter/Acknowledgment via Email for IGNITE Volunteers will be given based on the following criteria & guidelines.


  1. 6 months of volunteering with 75% of attendance (OR)
  2. Attended 20 classes with 75% of attendance


A. Attendance percentage will be calculated only from Bhumi’s ZOHO attendance records

B. Volunteering for Bhumi’s children centric events can be counted against attendance

CategoryAttendance PercentageMinimum no of ClassesMinimum Period of Volunteering
Satisfactory75% – 80%156 months
Good81% – 85%156 months
Very Good86% – 92%156 months
Excellent93% – 100%206 months

Timelines – Certificate issuance

A. Requests for current and past years will take minimum of 2-7 days.

B. Requests for previous years will take minimum of 7-14 days.

So please request your certificate well in advance to avoid last minute chaos.

Scenario 1:

A regular volunteer has attended 18/18 classes for a period of 6 months. Few/many classes got cancelled due to center management.

Solution: Very Good | Satisfies criteria 1

Scenario 2:

A regular volunteer has volunteered for a whole academic year. He has attended 15 classes out of 30.

Solution: No Certificate | Attendance < 75% and does not satisfy criteria 1 or 2

Scenario 3:

A volunteer has attended 15/16 classes in 4 months.

Solution: No Certificate | Attendance > 75% but does not satisfy criteria 1 or 2

Scenario 4:

A volunteer has 74% attendance with over a period of 6 months and has also volunteered for one Nakshatra event.

Solution: Satisfactory | Attendance > 75% when considered with Guideline B


  • If there is a unique scenario outside the criteria mentioned above, decision will be taken on case to case basis.
  • Volunteers are requested for apply for certificates and collect the same while actively volunteering upon meeting above criteria or preferably within 3 months of last active date as volunteer, to facilitate capturing maximum points of their efforts taken while their leadership team is active too. Beyond 3 months it will be the responsibility of requesting volunteer to seek validation from their respective leaders to enhance the quality of work recorded.

Bhumi 100% Award

Every year on Bhumi Day celebration, this award will be given to Ignite volunteers who have attendance percentage above 90% and have attended more than 20 classes in an academic year.