Bhumi Care Committee

The care committee at Bhumi addresses ethical or harassment issues.

Issues can be related to:

  1. Physical / Mental / Emotional Harassment (All Bhumians – Volunteers, Employees)
  2. Unethical use of Bhumi’s platform or resources
  3. Inappropriate behaviour with beneficiaries (children)
  4. Misconduct with stakeholders / partners

Please note: Confidentiality is guaranteed and your information is protected at all times.

To help us take appropriate actions within a short time, we urge you to

  1. whenever available and possible please provide detailed information (including proof)
  2. share your name and contact details to contact you if more details are required related to the incident

Please be assured that all conversations and artefacts would remain confidential. We may approach HR of the organisation for facilitation of action if required.

You may write to [email protected] or fill the below form.